5 May 2011

my sketchbook arrived!

my sketchbook arrived yesterday

the overal size of the book is different to last year's sketchbook
it's shorter, squarer and has only 32 blank sides to fill
as opposed to 80 blank sides in last year's sketchbook

I've thought about my format and ideas for my book
I will work on 7 mini projects of 4 pages each (28 pages)
I will use two pages for my bio and personal information (30 pages)
and I will use the front and back page to conceal the cover (32 pages)

I will talk about my mini projects in the next post
Good luck with yours!

Carolyn ♥


Jane Housham said...

Hi Carolyn. I've been trying to decide whether or not to participate in the Project, having only discovered it after last year's deadline. Now that I've read that this year's book is only 32pp long, it suddenly feels more doable. I'm getting very close to signing up...

Evelyn said...

I'm sure your sketchbook will be amazing !!


I took part in the Brooklyn Sketchbook Project in 2011
my sketchbook can be seen here

below the surface

I'm also taking part in The Sketchbook Project 2012
and will be sharing my work, sketchbook pages, thoughts, musings and general progress on this blog
my full profile can be viewed here:

Carolyn Saxby

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