13 May 2011

points of inspiration and making a start!

My 10 minute art project
is going to be based on a series of photographs
that I took last week on Smeatons Pier in St. Ives harbour

these photos were inspired by elements of the work of artist Simon Starling that I saw at The Tate St. Ives recently, where the artist focuses more and more closely on an object and then takes it further by putting the photograph under a microscope creating further inspiration and magic


rather than using a microscope (as I don't have one)
mine will be a digital photography project
where I will digitally enhance my macro shots to create further inspiration by manipulating, distorting, altering colours and adding texture
then I will create a series of mixed media collages and stitched pieces (machine embroidered/mixed media stitched collages) based on the photos

I shot these photos of one of the fisherman's workshops on the pier

the workshop windows had a mesh covering so that it was impossible to see what was inside but my lens revealed and captured the hidden fishing paraphernalia so typical of a Cornish working harbour

silver metallic mesh

revealing random tones of red

the mesh covered windows within the wooden frame


my starting point

Simon Starling is an artist who is fascinated by the processes
involved in transforming one object or substance into another
He makes objects, installations, and pilgrimage-like journeys which
draw out an array of ideas about nature, technology and economics
He pursues these ideas with fine detail and quite often
takes his finished pieces back to where they originated

I have also thought about how this project will reach completion
by taking my sketchbook and photography back
to the fisherman's workshop at the end of this project

Carolyn ♥


Julie said...

This sounds a really exciting project Carolyn and I can't wait to see where you take it! The photos through the mesh panels are fascinating. Good luck with your journey and have fun! xx

Cusp said...

Great start. You put me to shame...you're so organised :O)

Cathie said...

What a thought-provoking and interesting concept you have come up with for your sketchbook. I do know this idea will bring forth many wonderful processes and projects - bearing the fruit of a visual feast for the eyes! I also love the idea of a separate blog page for the project. I just may do the same. My theme (upon turning 50!) is appropriately "In Fifty Years." I have begun my list and will be starting my little arts soon. Such fun this is going to be!

terri bunn said...

well done Carolyn, a great start. You are a great observationist (if that is a word!)
Most of us don`t look around us enough and I am always amazed that you see everyday things in a different way. Fascinating and I cant wait to see where you take it xx

Linda said...

I have looked at and photgraphed these frames with their mesh inserts. I love the strength of the design but I'm far too literal to make much of the images I have so I can't wait to see your sketchbook.

Anonymous said...

sounds wonderful, such fab photos and that colour red is beautiful :) x

Anonymous said...

How exciting! Look forward to tracking the progress.

vilterietje said...

great way of working with photographs, never thought of it that way! i'm going to follow you:)

Barb Cady said...

Inspiration! I am grateful to you starting this blog as it will be wonderful to see how your sketch book starts in your mind, travels down your arm and ends up in your book. Thank you for sharing.x


So sorry that I lost some very vaulable comments when blogger crashed at the end of last week. I do hope that blogger can still retrieve them as they mean so much to me. I love to hear from you all. You put a smile on my face. Thank you!

Have a "fabulous" week ahead x

Jill said...

I look forward to folowing your project, I so enjoyed the lst one.

Sarah said...

I thought I had commented on this already? Maybe I was one of the ones lost in the great crash?

Anyway – what I would have said was that I am so excited to see this year’s sketchbook from you after being blown away by last year’s.

In fact your ‘under the surface’ book last year was the main inspiration for me to be brave and sign up to join in with the project this year.

I can’t wait to see how your book develops - these introductory photos are a great teaser! I love the way you have zoomed in and in and in and then far further than most would, in and in again, changing the perspective every time.


Thanks Sarah - it was something I saw Simon Starling do with silver plate when developing a photograph. I like to look closely at things that then evolve into something else

Good luck with your project

I will post more here soon x

ewa-christine said...

Nice Carolyn......we have to find inspiration in our selfs.....(smile) take care!


I took part in the Brooklyn Sketchbook Project in 2011
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I'm also taking part in The Sketchbook Project 2012
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